Introducing Caramel Macchiato

“Wake up and spread the coffee” just got a whole lot sweeter.

Today, Flat Brew Ltd launches it’s new Caramel Machiatto to complement its growing family of espresso-based spreads.

The Brewmeister said, “The new caramel machiatto spread is a perfect balance between the power of dark-roasted Arabica coffee beans and the subtlety of caramel with a pinch of French grey salt.  The new spread is bold and unashamedly moreish — an instant classic like our Espresso Spread and DeCaf Espresso spread before it.  This spread is certain to take pride of place on your brunch menu.”

The One Who Knows How it Really Happens continued, “We are happy to share this launch exclusively with The London Coffee Festival and Selfridges & Co., where it all began; and, we look forward to sharing Flat Brew Caramel Machiatto with our other fans and customers, in the near future.  Spread the word.”

Flat Brew Caramel Machiatto will be available in-store at Selfridges & Co. from 18 April.